Name Category Endpoint Description
Summary Endpoint summary /v1/summary Overview of market data for all tickers and all markets.
Endpoint A1 asset /v1/currencies In depth details on crypto currencies available on the exchange.
Endpoint A2 ticker /v1/ticker
isFrozen: 1 - disabled markets are not reflected in API response.
24-hour rolling window price change statistics for all markets.
Endpoint A3 orderbook /v1/orderbook
    Available parameters:
  • pair - pair name
  • depth - orders depth quantity.
  • Example endpoint
Market depth of a trading pair. One array containing a list of ask prices and amount and another array containing bid prices and amount.

Level 1 - this level returns one size for first active price (as if there was only a single order for that price).

Level 2 - this level returns only one size for each active price.

Level 3 - this level returns full orderbook sorted by price

Endpoint A4 trades /v1/trades
    Available parameters
  • pair - pair name
  • Example endpoint: /v1/trades?pair=WEC_USD
Recently completed trades for a given market. 24 hour historical full trades available as minimum requirement.