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Coingalaxy FAQ

  • Where to find a referral link?
    Go to your personal account, there select the PROFILE section and then click on the Referrals. You will find a window with a referral link just below the program description.
  • How long does it take for the support to process a request (ticket)?
    Most of the requests are solved in less than half an hour. All requests are processed in order.
  • How long does the withdrawal take?
    90% of the withdrawals are automatically processed within 5-10 minutes. In some cases a withdrawal can take up to several hours to process (if a robot sent a withdrawal on a manual check at the time when the working day of a support team will begin in several hours - from 9 to 23 Moscow time).
  • What are the commission rates on the exchange platform (trading, deposit, withdrawal)?
    You can see the current trading commissions and commissions for withdrawal/deposit in the footer (at the bottom of the site page) - the section " Commissions".
  • Is there a commission for canceling orders?
    There is no commission for the canceled orders. If the order is partially executed, the commission is charged only for the part of the completed transaction.
  • Can I cancel a withdrawal?
    A confirmed withdrawal cannot be canceled. While the withdrawal is not processed, you can cancel it yourself. Go to the BALANCE section, then the HISTORY tab, then WITHDRAWALS - next to the active withdrawal request, there will be a red "Cancel" button. Click it and your withdrawal will be canceled. If you entered wrong wallet format, a withdrawal will be canceled automatically after processing.
  • Why is my withdrawal canceled?
    A withdrawal will be canceled if you entered wrong wallet format. Wallet formats: WEC, ETH and its tokens: 0x…… , Payeer: P0000000, Perfect Money: U000000 , PRIZM-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX
  • Through which network are USDT sent?
    You can choose one of the networks: ERC-20 or TRC-20
  • What is a depository?
    It is a program that distributes a profit between the co-owners of the exchange. For more information, see the "DEPOSITORY" section in the header (site header).
  • Why is the depository disabled and I can't withdraw it?
    This feature is not always available. Follow the news of the exchange and in particular about the opening of this function on our telegram channel https://t.me/coin_galaxy_news
  • How do I add funds to the depository?
    You need to make sure that this function is active, buy CGC coins, go to the "DEPOSITORY" section, click the "DEPOSIT" button, enter the desired deposit amount and confirm.
  • Where can I see the charges on the depository?
    Go to your personal account, then to the section "DEPOSITORY", there you will see a window with reports, click "open" button next to the required month. Reports are available only for those months in which you had coins in the depository.
  • In which coins are dividends accrued?
    Accruals come in the currency in which the distributed profit was received.
  • I mixed up my wallets when I tryed to deposit. Is it possible to return the funds?
    Contact the support service through your personal account- go to the "HELP" section, write a detailed description of the situation.
  • What is an order?
    An order is a request to buy or sell a particular coin. After registration, the order is added to the others that are collected in a special table or block (glasses).
  • Can I cancel the order?
    An executed order cannot be canceled. If the order is not executed or partially executed, it can be canceled. Go to your personal account, click the "BALANCE" section, then in "My orders" - opposite the active orders list (which were not executed or partially executed - the work in progress is indicated in the percentage) there will be a"Cancel" button. Or on the trading page for a specific pair.
  • Where can I see my wallet on the exchange?
    Go to your personal account, then to the "BALANCE" section, next to the required currency, click the "Deposit" button and see the exchange address.
  • How to withdraw funds from the exchange?
    Go to your personal account, then to the "BALANCE" section, click "withdraw" button next to the required currency, and fill in the form fields, press "withdraw", confirm the operation by any of the chosen ways (depending on the settings in your personal account).
  • How do I change my email address in my personal account?
    Contact the support service through your personal account- go to the "HELP" section.
  • Where can I ask for help?
    If you can't log in to your personal account, write to support@coin-galaxy.com, for other questions within your personal account, create a request to the support service in the "HELP" section".
  • Where can I see the history of my operations?
    Go to your personal account, then to the "BALANCE" section, then the "History" section, select the necessary tab: trading operations, deposits, withdrawals, other.
  • Why the order didn't work?
    The order works if there is a counter offer at the selected price in the desired amount. A failed or partially submited order can be canceled.
  • How to trade on an exchange platform?
    Go to your personal account, then to the section "trading" there on the left is a table with trading pairs. Select the desired trading pair and click on it (the buttons with currencies and trading pairs are clickable). Scroll down the page there on the left are the tables "BUY" and "SELL" and on the right are the glasses with the orders waiting to be executed. Select the necessary table for buying or selling, the available amount of coins for the transaction is indicated above the table (if you click on the amount, it automatically fits in the table in full amount), the price is automatically loaded from market, you can choose another price, part of the available volume for the transaction . Substitute the necessary data in the table, confirm your action by clicking the " BUY..." / " SELL..."
  • How long do payments from WTP projects come?
    WTP projects have a time limit for withdrawal - 24 hours. If you didn't get the funds, contact the support service, please write all the payment details: the amount and currency, date, if possible, the transaction ID (you can get it from the sending party).
  • Is there a limit (min/max) for deposits and withdrawals?
    The exchange does not set limits. All the limits are settled only by the payment systems / blockchains who does the transfer of funds.
  • Is it possible to top up the balance from the card?
    It is possible to directly purchase cryptocurrency from the card to the exchange's balance (BTC, E, USD, TRX, DAI) The purchase takes place on the side of our partner Mercury. For the first purchase, you need to verify your identity. The link for the purchase is located in the BALANCE section-the BUY CRYPTOCURRENCY button.
  • It is not possible to make a deposit from the card. What to do?
    If you have difficulties with buying cryptocurrency from the card, you should contact the Mercury support service. The support chat is located at the bottom right of the page, which you get to immediately after clicking the BUY CRYPTOCURRENCY button.