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Referral program

How does the referral program work?

You can share both the referral link and the referral code (a sequence of numbers at the end of the referral link) with your friends or on various (including your own) sites, forums, and social networks.

If a user enters the exchange using Your referral link and registers, they will become your referral.

This means that You will receive income from each of his trades on the exchange. Revenue is accrued in the amount of 50% of the commission amount that the exchange charges for conducting a transaction.

For example, your referral sold 1000$ worth of bitcoins. The trading commission from the transaction is 0.15% or 1.5$. Of these, we pay you 50%, that is, 0.75$ for the fact that this trader came on your recommendation. If this trader makes 100 such transactions in a month (he will buy and sell cryptocurrency, making a profit on trading), then your total income from this referral will be 75$.

It is forbidden to register using your own referral link (i.e. become a referral of yourself). If such actions are detected, both accounts are blocked without paying out all the funds in the accounts at the time of blocking.

You earn every time your referrals make deals

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