Crypto Listing

Listing is a procedure for adding a crypto coin/token to the list of trading pairs on our exchange.
If you are the owner, developer, or official representative of the coin, You can apply for a listing, by contacting us.
This page contains coins that are undergoing the listing procedure and will soon appear in the list of trading pairs.

KGDAOKGDAO (KGDAO) Listing 27.07.2022
MATICPolygon (MATIC) Listing 14.04.2022
QRAXQRAX (QRAX) Listing 29.01.2022
ADACardano (ADA) Listing 23.11.2021
DOTPolkadot (DOT) Listing 07.09.2021
EMCEmercoin (EMC) Listing 16.07.2021
JUSTJUST (JST) Listing 06.07.2021
BuySellTON Crystal (TON) Listing 22.06.2021
BuySellDai (DAI) Listing 14.04.2021
BuySellBuySell (BULL) Listing 24.02.2021
BuySellTRON (TRX) Listing 07.02.2021
DogecoinDogecoin (DOGE) Listing 21.12.2020
FinikoFiniko (FNK) Listing 14.12.2020
UniswapUniswap (UNI) Listing 13.12.2020
RaidoRaido (RA) Listing 11.12.2020
SkrapsSkraps (SKRP) Listing 07.12.2020
RippleRipple (XRP) Listing 29.11.2020
LTCLitecoin (LTC) Listing 17.08.2020
PZMPrizm (PZM) Listing 16.06.2020
bipMinter (BIP) Listing 10.06.2020
PZMTether (USDT) Listing 27.05.2020
PZMWeb Coin Pay (WEC) Listing 16.04.2020